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Cate Le Bon
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Me Oh My
The Control Group
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Barcode For 650384025924
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A new force in song craft, Cate Le Bon resides in Cardiff, Wales. Her music is a heady and highly personal Gallic stew of equal parts Nico, Malkmus and the chronicler's own emotional observations on the impossibility of existence.The carefully constructed "Me Oh My" boasts a concise palette of instrumentation played live by Cate and a fluid band of close friends. Perfectly illuminating her writing skills with understated menace and beauty."Startlingly original? 'Me Oh My' has that can't-put-your-finger-on-it oddness that makes for great pop music? A singular talent"MOJO - 4 stars

Track Listing
  •  1. Me Oh My
  •  2. Sad Sad Feet
  •  3. Shoeing The Bones
  •  4. Hollow Trees House Hounds
  •  5. It's Not The End
  •  6. Terror Of The Man
  •  7. Eyes So Bright
  •  8. Digging Song
  •  9. Burn Until The End
  •  10. Out To Sea